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    Hello Ladies & Gengleman,
    If you may, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sana, I'm approaching my mid 20's. I'm of the African origin but I consider myself an adult third culture kid. As young as I am, I've had the opportunity to live and travel in various parts of the world. By that I consider myself a polygot and I am fluent in four languages. My English is perfect with a cool unidentified accent. Those who have met me have described me to be sentimental, relatable, interesting, impressive and addictive. Despite being a uni student, toastmaster and promotional model by trade, I like to keep my hands full, it keeps me out of trouble.To ice the cake, I lead a very healthy lifestyle and believe me when I say I take great pride and pleasure in the services that I provide.
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    09. 11. 1997
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    Humour: If going to a boarding school taught me anything "laughter is the best medicine". I love clowns, I look better when I laugh and smile so I try to make it a habit.

    Listening: I don't like to be passed by any detail. I love listening to what people have to say, when someone shares their thoughts or feelings I trust they confide in me. The least I can do is listen.

    Eroticism: I am very sensual and passionate, dare me to spend 24hrs in bed sexing. I'd still need another hour and a day - 25/7. If this is not your thing do not worry.

    Perfection: I like to be the woman on top (literally and of course metaphorically). I was raised that way, all my efforts are extreme and I don't stop "till I got it!".

    Honesty: I share my true and honest feelings without hesitation. I believe honesty is the key to mutual understanding, deal breaker or maker. It's important to those who value their time.
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