SSHAG is the first adult related social media site and we want to invite you to come and join us. Once you’re a member on SSHAG you can promote your escort agency and your escorts on your own SSHAG group page. Creating you’re SSHAG group is very simple to do and we will help you as much as you need to get your group page established on SSHAG.

  • Join SSHAG
  • Create your SSHAG group
    • From your profile create a new group
  • Enter all your agencies details
  • Invite your escorts to join your SSHAG group
    • From your SSHAG group page, select the “Invite” button and simply invite all your escorts to join your group.
  • Post Announcements
    • If you have any special announcements you want to make, post in in your group announcements and the whole world can see.
  • Upload Photos
  • Upload Videos

Now you have an online presence for as little as FREE, where your potential clients can easily find you and follow everything that your agency is doing. If you need any help with joining or creating your SSHAG group, we will be more than happy to do it for you if you need.

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